Elite cataries "SIRIS"


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Owner: Eve Siris


Vice-President of the World Cat Assotiation the Nika Center

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Elite cataries "Siris"
registration: СFA; WCA "Nika Center"


Our cataries is based in 2000 on the basis of the oldest cataries " SIRIS LINE" which has made the whole generation of champions...

The owner of cataries Eve Siris - the expert felinus the cynologist of the international category, the vice-president of the Central club of Kanadasky sphynxes X-Club (WCA Nica Center).

Here already almost 10 years we successfully work and we aspire to realise idyll between absolute naked cataries and their highest quality, corresponding TOP-SHOW a class.


Our principle of breeding: it is LESS than QUANTITY - MORE QUALITIES!


We are not engaged " rabbit" breeding.

Unfortunately, in Russia, for today, many commercial cataries which put breeding on a stream. Usually in such cataries enough considerable quantity of animals of rather doubtful level contains. It basically the cellular maintenance. Such " cataries" (as they of name) usually settle down in small-sized apartments where cats and cataries, at the given maintenance do not receive neither due leaving, nor high-grade forages, love...

Getting a kitten from such " cataries " you risk to receive the injured sphynx with sick mentality, a wild or seriously sick animal for whom it is necessary to spend many forces and money that it has survived further in your house, after purchase.

In such " cataries " to you offer cataries much more low their real cost.


The present Canadian sphynx is expensive animal. Also believe, owners of serious cataries spend big money for acquisition of really elite animals, for their maintenance, participations in exhibitions etc.


Cataries " SIRIS" has proved for years of the coexistence, as conducting and one of the best in Russia.

Cataries basis the well-known cats - World champions, Champion of America, Euro Grand Champions, Gold Grand Champions whom the best cats from the most known cataries of the World steal up in steams.


Our children have surpassed, today, glory of the parents in all Globe!

We are proud of the achievements and with pleasure we trace each destiny of the kitten got from our cataries, be this animal for exhibition career and breeding or it is simple as a hobby.

Our cataries not simply supervises our pupils, providing with their any consultations on breeding, feeding, veterinary science, participation in exhibitions, professional selection of breeding pairs, to the help in realisation of cataries, but also simply is on friendly terms with their owners...


Sphynxes from Eve Siris - We are always glad to you!!!


C 2008 we are engaged in breeding BAMBINO.
Bambino is a deliberate hybrid of cats of breed the Canadian sphynx and mankchkins. Small cats on very short paws - a cat the rate. Bambino very sociable cats possessing beautiful the Canadian sphynx and touching of the child, they are very tender and contact... For today we have thoroughbred breeding of Bambino. We do variations the Canadian sphynx and Bambino - receiving sphynxes of the improved type with magnificent skeleton and ideal mentality. And as short paws sphynxes - Bambino. Today we have possibility to do are viscous Bambino and Bambino.


The elite maintenance
Elite breeding
The most titled cats of Russia!


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